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Monday, July 1, 2013
Administrator's Message
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Welcome to our new members Jose Arrocena and "MJ" Moore.

The 2014 Moose International Convention is over! We will soon be holding a meeting to discuss how the convention went for the Lodge.

There were several General Laws changes approved during the convention. The first permits a lodges's Board of Officers to transition to only one Trustee if desired. The second permits men to sponsor women and women to sponsor men. The final changes allow for different rules for appointing Supreme Council members.

It is my sad duty to inform you that two of our Pilgrim brothers have passed away, Bill Coder and Don Grady. They will be sadly missed and they will be remembered at the Nevada California Moose Association District 24 memorial service at Pahrump Moose Lodge #808 on August 3rd.

We welcome our new member of the Fellowship Degree of Honor, your truly, Art Lesher.

The Red Rock Legion Committee will be serving breakfast on August 10th and 24th. They serve regular breakfast for $4 and omelets for $5. We will be holding our Lodge Legion Committee on August 24th at 11:00 AM. The next Legion 168 meeting is at Pahrump on August 17th, e-board at 10:00 AM social at 11:00 AM.

Finally, the people are too numerous to name but we would like to thank all of the people who volunteered to help during the recent Moose International Convention.

Art Lesher

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